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Sorry about all the negative entries

I wish my mother would give me a game plan to go along with all the shit news she keeps sharing with me. All of it just piles up in my head and goes nowhere when she just bitches. Then, of course, to add insult to injury, she skirts the blame to me. Never mind the fact that if I did get the money, she probably would have it all spent in a day.

How did they survive for a year without my SSI again? And she has the gall to stick her fingers in there to pay for anything ranging from facebook bucks to medication and then cry about the fact that she has to take money from me? Boo-fucking-hoo.

I know I'm not the best with money, but her and I combined just equals a goddamned disaster. And she wonders why I think its unwise that we keep living together. With our combined initiatives I'm sure will both die a nice, slow death. Ugh...



Okay, this is a load of bullshit. Starting now, I'm completely done with this. DONE. Just fuck it.

Oh, and my brother turned four. He's cute and stuff. Good for him.


Why is it almost six o' clock? FUCK YOU, DAYLIGHT SAVINGS, FUCK YOU!!!!!

God dammit, I wanna go back to sleep and I don't wanna write these papers. I just wanna go play pokemon and sing with my bird. IS THAT SO WRONG???

I've talked to my teacher about my misgivings and she seems to be proud of me for being me or something. Which makes me want to do nothing even more. Because that's what I'm good at... DOING NOTHING! HOYEAH!

Easter was actually quite nice. I got a lot of candy from random friends of my mom O_o, but shit, I'm not complaining. I want some more orange soda.


It's like molasses

Okay... Okay. I really need some encouragement to write a fanfic. Sad, I know, but I am just barely making it over the hump of my general anxiety and cynicism, only to find a pool of depression to wade through.

Um, help? Please?


Now for something completely insubstantial

I slept on a linoleum floor today. How was everyone else's day?
Hahahahaha blood cyst... That's just fantastic.


I suppose it isn't completely odd that I've already started plotting Trilby stuff, but the fact that I'm actually thinking of typing them out unnerves me a bit. It must be all that hypomania giving me a false sense of confidence.


I blame the hat... And all these awesome artists and fic writers, but mostly the hat.
...New obsession. This one has a relatively small fanbase, so on one hand I'll be scouring the internet for anything on it, but on the other hand I won't get lost in it. This can't be healthy, but I'm damned thorough.

The cat icon is me... ALL THE TIME


Dammit, Sarah! Go to bed! What is this nonsense?