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Geeking out

Woo P3P~ Being the girl is actually a lot of fun and her demeanor is completely different from the boy, so it really feels like a whole new character. I get to befriend Junpei as part of the Magician Arcana now, which is sweet. I don't think you can date him, though, which is fine with me, since he's more of the awesome buddy anyway.

I wonder what I do to talk to Akihiko, though, since I'm already doing the Emperor Arcana in Student Council...

Also, also, they changed the music for the girl and she has this really bitchin weapon and new character social links and and!

Okay, I think I'm done for now. Gonna go fight a boss that is probably too high level for me.

...Oh, and I basically got myself a male!Elizabeth(Or Margaret) in the Velvet Room. Hot stuff haha